D is also for…


D is for Diaper! (Or Dirty Diaper…)


My youngest will be learning his alphabet here pretty soon, and since I originally wrote Throwing an Alpha-Fit to celebrate his birth, I decided I’d start putting together a “Baby’s First Alphabet” book for him as well. Granted, the book will be made of paper and not board, so it won’t be a very practical toddler book considering he’ll probably try to eat it… But it’s the thought that counts! At least, that’s what helps me sleep at night. 🙂

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Click the picture to view Throwing an Alpha-Fit by A. R. Curry


I’ll be doing at least two pictures for each letter every week! (My children are designing the letters again, so I’ll add those at a later time.)

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Click the picture above to view my book, Throwing an Alpha-Fit. Or, click the links below to see what all the other letters stand for:

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