A Thank You from Me to You


ARC’s Imagination Foundation has slowly been growing in size. It’s nothing substantial, and interactions (comments, likes, shares) are less impressive, but more and more of you have begun to subscribe to my free mailing list, which I am highly appreciative of. And so, to show my appreciation, I have decided to start giving away a free book to one lucky (randomly selected) subscriber every time I release a new book.

Now, I think that’s great news. I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff? But what’s even better news is that I have a new (SECRET) book coming out in November!

To those of you who have already subscribed, sit back and do nothing. You’re already entered for a chance to win. But for those of you who haven’t already subscribed, no worries. There’s still time if you’re interested. All you need to do is visit: ARCimaginationfoundation.wordpress.com and subscribe to my free mailing list. It’s that simple. Thanks. You’re all awesome! 

So what'cha thinking?

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