FUNdraising for Children


Awesome news! I’ve decided to dedicate this site to raising funds for children. So to start, if you would like to raise funds for an elementary school, contact me to learn how.

Basically, utilizing any (or all) of my children’s books, we can raise hundreds to thousands of dollars for your local elementary school.

How? Simple. I didn’t write my children’s books  so that I could personally profit. With that said, I donate 100% of the profits from my fundraisers to whichever elementary schools sign up. The more the better! All you need to do is set things in motion by reaching out to the person who’s in charge of the fundraisers at the school you’d like to help. Think of it like this: Your my eyes and ears so that, together, we can help as many children as possible. I’ll provide you all the necessary materials, and you simply forward it to the contact at the school.
And if you’re interested in an even simpler way to raise funds for children, check out the options below. (Note: Profits from the below options will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network.)

Option 1)

$1: You (or your child) can sign the “We Love Reading” wall. It’s simple. Have them write their name on a piece paper, snap a picture of it, and then email me that picture.

Option 2)

$5: I’ll convert your child’s name into a fun maze.

Option 3)

$10: I’ll dedicate any one of my books to the child of your choosing and have that book mailed directly to you (or them).

  • Option 4)

Or, simply donate however much you wish out of the kindness of your heart.


All you need to do is email me at and notify me of which of the above options you’re interested in.