Available Children’s Books by A. R. Curry



The ImaginautThe Imaginaut - Coloring & Activity Book Front

This is my first children’s book. I originally created it because I wanted to partner with elementary schools to help raise much needed funds. I would have been donating 100% of the funds to the participating schools, but the fundraising never quite took off the way I had hoped. Still, I learned a lot from the experience and had a blast letting my creative side run free. All-in-all, I ended up with over 150 pages of educational and entertaining pages, pages that now fill this book!

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front coverThrowing an Alpha-Fit 

This is my second children’s book. I’m extremely proud of it for a number of reasons. 1st: There’s my growth as an illustrator. 2nd: I collaborated with my children, Aliya & Tristan to create it. (They designed all the outstanding letters inside it!) 3rd: We created it for their little brother Joshua. The hope was to have it ready to go on the day he was born, but alas, he came a few weeks early. Still, it’s something heartfelt from his family that he’ll be able to read to his own children years from now. As for all the other children in the world? Well, it’s got plenty of colorful animals, awesome artwork, imaginative letters, and a cute, but grumpy lil’ monkey throwing an alpha-fit!

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To My Rocket Ship! Cover

This is my third children’s book, but the first in its series. Of the three, I’d have to say this was the most humorous to write. It’s goofy from beginning to end, and so many ideas for so many more books came to mind as I created it. Better still, I wrote it with beginning readers in mind because, after all, the only thing better than reading to our children, is hearing them read to us for the first time!

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Stop Being a Baby, Baby! IMG_5411

This is my fourth children’s book, and was an absolute joy to create! Two of my friends were having a baby (together), and I wanted to do something special for them. What’s interesting is how much simpler it was to do this book, and I chalk that up to experience. I’ve learned both illustration and writing tricks that smoothened things out, and I’ve learned how to make a book more dynamic and appealing to my readers. With that said, I know I still have much growth to come, so I’m excited to see what’s in store next! 😀

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